May 20, 2022

When was the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man?


It was the first American video game in this history, having the honor that Google celebrated its 30th anniversary by changing its logo. In 1998, Google started transforming its doodle according to events, festivals, and special occasions. In 2010, Google celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary and it was the first time for a video game. It was first designed on 22-may-1980, then in 1980 same calendar, it came into America for launch. This game got famous in such a short time, and also achieved the most brand preference in America, in the history of video games. For further updates, you can visit this website

Introduction of Pac-Man : 

A young Japanese employee of a team introduced this game. Firstly this game was named as Paku-Man from a Japanese phrase, Paku-Paku. It refers to the sound generated from the movement of the mouth when we open it widely then instantly close it. The owner of this game confesses that he took the idea from there, Moreover the outer look resembles one slice left pizza.

Pac-Man 30th-anniversary celebration :

For celebrating Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, a wonderful glass case was designed to remember and recall all memories associated with this game and to pay a tribute for their great achievement in the history of video games. Their happy ghosts and characters of Pac-Man were viewable and looked stunning. It was designed in a way that it slides, after being touched. Pac-Man fans were too happy for this lovely celebration of their favorite game.

More about game and celebration :

Besides this amazing classic celebration of this arcade game, Google provides free access to all to play this game, in the honor of its anniversary celebration. It gave its presence on the web in 1991. It was the first game to get access to famous mechanics and renowned science magazines so far.

Formation of Pac-Man :

Karras was a programmer who introduced this game. Pac-Man was the result of his effort in an arcade game. Initially, he took programming as a source of time pass but later on, he realized that his idea and development on Pac-Man is being highly recognized. Video game addicts started adoring this game, its gutsy cute ghost look was attracted towards them. And then, slowly and gradually it takes place in the hearts of people. Undoubtedly, it was a commendable achievement.

Unique Pac-Man party :

This is for all Pac-Man lovers, if you want to create some unique and creative party ideas, you can buy an original (not a copy version) of the Pac-Man game and convert it into a customized format to make it extravagant. The other way of celebrating the Pac-Man party is that you can have some customized Pac-Man printed gifts and food items on which its cute logos are designed. It will add some flavor. Another idea that can engage people throughout the world is that you can add an online platform for people. It could be a place where they can express their love and advice related to the Pac-Man game.

Google celebrates Pacman’s 30th anniversary and it triggered the memory of all our childhood. Most of us still love this game and people have it at their homes.